About Apps Inc

Apps Inc is a platform that allows American technology companies and supporting agencies to promote and grow their businesses. Apps Inc is a premium platform that features only American companies.

Qualifying member companies must meet the following criteria,

  • Have business registered within the United States of America
  • Minimum 75% of workforce based in the United States of America

We have a stringent verification process for our members,

  • Reviewing website
  • Reviewing social media profiles
  • Reviewing online presence
  • Calling the business
  • Verifying DUNS number
  • Requesting additional details such as company certificate and bio of company leaders (only if we are unable to verify after previous steps)
  • Annual Re-verification

Only verified American companies will become a member. We will review member profiles periodically to ensure that every member is meeting the criteria to remain Apps Inc member.

We offer three membership levels,

  • Guest: Showcase your business, services, and portfolio at no cost.
  • Associate: Demonstrate thought leadership by publishing unlimited articles and news stories.
  • Partner: Establish a stronger brand by sharing job openings and company events.

Become an Apps Inc member to promote and grow your company and join us in our mission.